We're pleased to announce our first round of speakers!


Our first round of speakers

Alvaro Videla (@old_sound) works at VMware, Inc. as the Developer Advocate for Cloud Foundry. Before moving to Europe, he worked in Shanghai where he helped build one of Germany’s largest dating websites. He co-authored the book RabbitMQ in Action for Manning Publishing and has a number of open source projects on GitHub. Apart from code related projects, he enjoys traveling with his wife, playing and listening to music, as well as reading books.

Mario Fusco (@mariofusco) is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is a Java programmer and architect with a more than a decade of experience and has worked in Italy, Germany, and now Switzerland. His project involvement and leadership spans a variety of fields including advertising, e-commerce, and insurance. His main interests in Java technologies are in multi-threaded programming and distributed computing, performance optimization, enterprise-level servers and frameworks, functional programming, and emerging Java compatible languages such as Scala, Groovy, and JRuby. Mario is a leader of the Java User Group Lugano and the main developer of a multitude of open source projects. His open source project line-up includes jamme, a bi-directional XML to Java object converter, and lambdaj, a library that allows collections to be manipulated in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way.

Jon Pretty (@Propensive) is an experienced developer and entrepreneur in the software industry. He specializes in high-performance and scalable applications and has over eight years of experience with the Scala programming language. Pretty is the organizer of the London Scala User Group and Scala.World.

Chris Eidohf (@chriseidhof) is a Dutch software developer living in Berlin, Germany. He spends most of his time building iOS and Mac apps, such as Deckset and Scenery. He started UIKonf and objc.io, wrote a book about Functional Programming in Swift, and is currently writing a book on Advanced Swift.

Stay tuned for additional speakers as we expand our exciting line-up!

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