Meet Intelygenz at Lambda World


Meet Intelygenz, a Lambda World Gold Sponsor

As you might know, Lambda World is a non-profit event focused on bringing together community and providing a space to learn, share ideas, and network with like-minded individuals in a fun and safe environment. This type of conference could not be possible without the support of our sponsors.

Intelygenz - technology solutions for the Digital Age

Intelygenz has been developing cutting-edge software technologies in Madrid and San Francisco for companies such as BBVA, Vodafone Global, BMW, and Doly, among others. Their passion for quality code has also motivated them to develop their own solutions.

One of their products is Terminus7, a complete and powerful tool that delivers practical AI solutions to solve today’s business challenges. They’ve already delivered production-grade solutions across a variety of industries including space, science, clean energy, transportation, and finance.

Stop by their booth and learn more about Terminus7 and some of their other cool products, and find out first hand why Intelygenz is a great place to work. Intelygenz recognizes that their success starts with their employees, and that’s good news for you because they want you to develop your career with them.

We’re looking forward to having them join us and are eternally thankful for their support. Make sure you visit them at and follow them on Twitter @Intelygenz.

If you haven’t bought your tickets to Lambda World yet, we’re sorry! We are completely SOLD OUT! But, stay tuned after the conference as we’ll be posting videos of all the presentations at the Lambda World YouTube channel.

About Lambda World:

Lambda World takes place October 26th - 27th, in Cadiz, Spain and is hosted by 47 Degrees in conjunction with the Scala and Java communities of Spain. The event is located at the Palacio de Congresos, an old tobacco factory near the beach. You can find more details at

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