Scala Center hackathon added to Friday's Line-up


We’re thrilled to announce that Lambda World will be home to a hackathon organized by the Scala Center! The event joins a series of initiatives by the Center aimed at increasing educational offerings for the Scala programming language and providing support to the Scala ecosystem.

Hosted by Scala Center engineer Jorge Vincente Cantero, the SC hackathon will be a four-hour event devoted to the development of popular Scala tools and libraries. Along with him, several tutors will assist attendees, from which only Raúl Raja, 47 Degrees CTO and Scala Center Advisory Board, has been confirmed. This is the perfect time for international Scala developers to meet up and improve their skills while advancing the tools and technologies we use on a daily basis.

While Jorge will be introducing actionable issues and offer continuous guidance to anyone that needs it, his goal is to make sure everyone enjoys hacking collaboratively on Scala ecosystem projects. If the rumor mill is accurate, he’ll be providing token gifts to anyone that makes a PR!

The Scala Center is proposing to solve self-contained issues in an array of projects that will be announced soon. From what we know so far, we’re thrilled to announce that Scala Exercises will be one of the candidates.

If you’re a library author attending Lambda World, add your library to the project list by sending an email to Jorge! The Scala Center is looking forward to extending the list and watching both authors and contributors collaborate together. This is a great opportunity to meet people and collaborate on open source Scala projects, and no experience is required.

The hackathon will take place from 15:00 - 19:00 PM on September 30th and joins an eventful Friday including a Typelevel Unconference, and Lambda World workshops.

To cap off the evening, we’re hosting a dinner and Flamenco concert where attendees can indulge in traditional food, drinks, and music after a hard day’s coding.

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