Workshop Spotlight: Fable, an F# to JS compiler


Spotlight on Alfonso Garcia-Caro

Language: F# / JS
When: Friday, October 1st - 17:00 - 19:00

Fable, an F# to JS compiler

Fable is an open source compiler that brings all the power of F# to the JS ecosystem: static typing with type inference, functional paradigm, pattern matching, type providers, besides a comprehensive library to handle collections, text, observables, etc. which translates to less than 30KB in JS. Fable doesn’t pack any runtime with the app and generates very clean JS code which adheres to new ES6 patterns, like modules or iterables, making it compatible with modern JS development tools: Babel, Webpack, React Hot Loader… Also, Fable is not only for front-end web apps, it integrates with the whole JS ecosystem including server-side node apps, desktop with Github Electron and mobile with Fuse or React Native.

About Alfonso:

Alfonso is a software developer proficient in .NET and JavaScript with a background in Linguistics. He is an open Source Software contributor and creator of Fable (F# to JS compiler). He also acts as an organizer of the Madrid F# and .NET Meetup groups. Alfonso has given talks on functional programming in Spain, UK, Japan and the US.

Check out some of his work at GitHub and SlideShare and follow @alfonsogcnunez.

Cool fact: Alfonso speaks English, Japanese, Spanish, and a bit of French and German.

About Lambda World:

Lambda World takes place September 30th - October 1st, in Cadiz, Spain and is hosted by 47 Degrees in conjunction with the Scala and Java communities of Spain. The event is located at the Palacio de Congresos, an old tobacco factory near the beach. You can find more details at



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