Speaker Spotlight: Marco Perone


Spotlight on Marco Perone

Language: CFP, Category Theory

Fun with categories

Category theory provides us the setting and a common language to talk about computation and composition. Its usage pervades and inspires languages as Haskell and Scala, lending concepts like functors and monads. Still, functional programming is just one of the possible applications of category theory, which may actually vary from physics and chemistry to machine learning and blockchain. So what about a change of perspective? Let’s make category theory the subject of our code and actually implement it!

In this talk we will take a look at how we can define concepts of category theory, using a programming language as Idris, which allows us to properly define all the required laws and properties of the objects in question, and we will see how we can take advantage of them in concrete contexts.

About Marco:

I am a mathematician turned into a software developer. Slowly, I became more and more interested in functional programming, category theory and type theory, especially for their role in connecting pure mathematics with computer science and software design. Currently I am collaborating with Statebox to build a visual programming language based on solid mathematical foundations. On a human side, I adore chocolate and collect chocolate wrappers.

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About Lambda World:

Lambda World takes place October 17th - 18th, in Cádiz, Spain and is hosted by 47 Degrees in conjunction with the Scala and Java communities of Spain. The event is located at the Palacio de Congresos, an old tobacco factory near the beach. You can find more details at Lambda.world

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