Speaker Spotlight: Robert M. Avram


Spotlight on Robert M. Avram

Language: CFP, Clojure

A Series of Unfortunate Effects

The very essence of functional programming relies on a fairly simple premise: write side-effectless programs, so that you can reason about them equationally. Side-effects however are predominant in every program that . . . well, does something useful. In light of this, the modelling of effects in functional programs has become a fairly active domain of study. From stacked effects, to horizontal ones; from transformers to free monads and so on. Every effect model, though joyfully they may seem, have some rather unfortunate consequences. In this talk, I’d like to share with you some of these effect models and exemplify both their joyful and unfortunate nature.

About Robert:

Robert is a software engineer currently working at REWE Digital in Cologne and spends a lot of his time writing functional microservices in Clojure and Scala. He concurrently seeks refuge from the imperative in the world of purely functional programming, and from time to time likes to pester unwilling individuals with it.

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