Event schedule

Thursday - Day One

Workshops & Unconference are included in the ticket price

Day 1
Open Doors & Breakfast 🥞

Open the doors and registration

Functional Programming Unconference
Build Your Own Monads
  • Alejandro Serrano Mena Universiteit Utrecht

Arrow in practice
  • Jorge Castillo 47 Degrees

  • Raúl Raja 47 Degrees

Eta-lang Haskell on JVM
  • Jarek Ratajski Engenius GmbH

Embracing Functional Paradigm in F# for Enhanced Productivity
  • Nikhil Barthwal

Lunch Break 🍴

See you later

A strongly typed martini. Shaken, not stirred. 🍸
  • Jan Schulte

  • Adrián González rindus

Blockchain Application based on Scala. Use Case
  • David Urdiales-Nieto Accenture

  • Juan Manuel Garcia Navarro Accenture

Coq from the ground up: dependently typed programming, theorem proving and all that
  • Anton Trunov IMDEA Software Institute

Scala Speed Dating
  • Amit Anafy Wix

What Haskell taught us when we were not looking
  • Eric Torreborre Symbiont

Encoding our way to pure FP in Java
  • Jean-Baptiste Giraudeau Lombard Odier Investment Managers

How to get away with functional programming in frontend applications
  • Gabriele Petronella Buildo

Dueling Keyboards
  • Chris Ford ThoughtWorks

1st Day Closing Keynote: Diagrammatic Execution Models for Functional Languages
  • Koko Muroya (室屋 晃子) RIMS, Kyoto University

  • Steven W.T. Cheung School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham,

Friday - Day Two

Day 2
Open Doors & Breakfast 🥞

Open the doors and registration

Keynote: How does code sound?
  • Felienne Hermans Delft University of Technology

Elixir - functional, concurrent, distributed programming for the rest of us
  • Andrea Leopardi Elixir core team

Headfirst into Haskell
  • Abby Sassel

Writing a Screencast Video Editor in Haskell
  • Oskar Wickström Haskell at work

Functional Lenses in JavaScript
  • Flavio Corpa EUIPO

Coffee Break ☕️

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees

Testing in the world of Functional Programming
  • Luka Jacobowitz codecentric AG

MirageOS, towards a smaller and safer OS
  • Romain Calascibetta Tarides

Boring use cases for exciting types
  • Itamar Ravid

Functional Programming In Anger
  • David Nolen The New York Times

Lunch Break 🍴

See you later

A roadtrip with monads: from MTL, through tagless to BIO
  • Paweł Szulc Pyrofex Corporation

How to make ad hoc proof automation less ad hoc
  • Aleksandar Nanevski IMDEA Software Institute

The Complexity Trap: Think Before You Leap
  • Daniel Westheide INNOQ

Rust and Haskell, sitting in a tree
  • Lisa Passing Open Knowledge Foundation DE

Closing Keynote: Impostor Syndrome and Individual Competence
  • Jessica Rose FutureLearn

Closing Party at the Castle 🏰

Rock concert with gallons of beer and tons of music